What I’ve Learned From 1 Month of Being Vegan

What I learned after 1 month of being vegan eating healthy

Hello friends! If you follow my Instagram page, you will know that I’ve recently started eating vegan food in hopes of living a healthier life. I also touched on it in an earlier post about my life changes (You can read about that here).About two years ago, I was a vegetarian and I had also tried to go vegan but only lasted about a month. I was working a job that forced me to travel a lot, and therefore eating on the road became a daily event and it became increasingly difficult to find vegan food at all, let alone vegan food that I actually enjoyed. It was rare that we stayed in a hotel/cabin that had a full sized kitchen, let alone the time to cook real meals for myself.

I was working all day with kids, and by the time I got home I just wanted to go right to bed – no time to cook any sort of healthy food. So, as a result, I reverted to my meat eating ways. Not only had I failed as a vegan, but I also had failed as a vegetarian. 1 year of living my life meat free was down the drain, and I felt terrible about it. Since I was eating terrible foods, I felt terrible too. I told myself it would be easier to go back to the standard American diet – until now.

1 Month Of Being Vegan

Today marks exactly 1 month of me being vegan! I’m so excited to share with you what I have learned, and how I am feeling! I know 1 month is peanuts to most people, but I am so incredibly proud of myself! For the most part of my 22 years, I have been eating animals and animal by-products, so to completely cut these things out of my diet is a huge step! I’m training my body to love new foods, and that isn’t an easy feat!

What I Have Learned In My First Month as a Vegan

Something I believe is a common misconception with vegan food is that it is incredibly overpriced. In the past, I feared I wouldn’t be able to go vegan because of the price tag involved – I was wrong! While some of the staple vegan condiments/extras can be pricey, the majority of our food really is the cheapest food on the market. Why is that? Well, because our food is produce!

On average, my groceries for the week cost me anywhere from 20-30$, and I get way more food than I realistically need. I admit, I buy too much lettuce and spinach, and I get fruit happy and buy more than I can realistically eat in that week. The issue with produce is that it spoils quicker than dry or processed goods, and therefore you need to be realistic when doing your groceries. Am I really going to eat this? Will I have time to cook this food this week? What is the shelf life of this product? As we speak, I actually have a zucchini in my vegetable crisper that I need to toss (thank goodness tonight is garbage night!).

I also learned that cooking is fun!? Who would have thought? I used to dread cooking dinner because it was time-consuming and I really didn’t care what I ate for dinner, as long as it tasted good. Now I have found joy in putting my meals together. As you can see on my Instagram, I make an effort to make my meals look “pretty”. The beautiful thing about vegan food is that vegetables and fruit are vibrant in colour – My food is rarely physically unappealing!Vegan Peanut butter smoothie bowl acai

Smoothie Bowl Acai Vegan


Share your vegan foods with me on Instagram! I’d love to see your beautiful creations!

How I Feel After 1 Month Of Being Vegan

How do I feel? Well, pretty freaking great! In all honesty, I haven’t been eating as “raw” as I would like to be, but I still feel so fresh and cleansed. I’ve been living for Daiya cheese, because nachos are my guilty pleasure. I’ve also been eating an open faced sandwich with avocado, Daiya shredded cheddar and hot sauce, and it’s pretty much everything! Daiya cheese avocado toast vegan

I’ve been eating a lot of sweet potatoes which are great in burritos, rice bowls, or just on their own! Buddha bowls are a big staple in my diet, as well as acai bowls/smoothie bowls (as you will see a lot of on my Instagram)! Actually, I would say 95% of the foods I eat are in a bowl now? Strange, but true. I mean, aside from my beautiful nachos, that is.

Since going vegan, I have noticed an increase in my energy levels, I am less bloated, and I feel very cleansed of any toxins I had in my body previously. I definitely visit the bathroom a lot more now, if you know what I mean – but that’s just expected since the foods I am eating are so full of fibre! I did experience a migraine the second week of going vegan, and have had the odd headache from time to time this past month, but nothing crazy. I think the migraine was my body detoxing to be honest. I feel like by cutting out meat and animal by-products, I was also cutting out a lot of sugars that I wasn’t expecting to. I believe the whole shock to my body was causing me to go into a sort of detox period where my body gifted me with a lovely migraine to compensate. Great.

Oh, also my skin has cleared up exponentially and my nails are growing like crazy! I got my nails done at the salon 3 weeks ago now and some of them have popped off because they just grew way too long to manage! My nails and my hair as well are usually super slow at growing, so that is a huge bonus!

My plan is to keep on keeping on with this vegan train, so please share with me your favourite recipes and cookbooks, and any tips you have at all!

Would you ever go vegan? Why or why not?

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4 thoughts on “What I’ve Learned From 1 Month of Being Vegan

  1. Hey Brett!
    Love reading about your vegan journey. A tip for the produce that is about to go bad, cut up and freeze for your baking or smoothies. You can put pretty much anything in a smoothie! Much like yourself, I also tend to buy way to much produce so I freeze old spinach, avocado, cauliflower, nectarines, etc. when they are starting to look rough for wear!

    Keep up the good work 🙂

  2. Loved the post! Congratulations on being vegan for 1 month! I’m going on 2 years of being vegan; my #1 vegan life hack is buying as many bananas as you can fit in your cart when they go on sale, let them get spotty, then peel and freeze in a giant tub. They’re perfect for smoothies, nice cream, muffins, and adding to oatmeal. If you have any questions or would like any more tips, feel free to ask 🙂

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