How to Achieve Your Goals and Live Your Best Life


Hello babes! I’m back. Thanks for joining me. It has been a crazy couple of weeks, and for that, I apologize. I’ve been rather absent on this feed the past couple of weeks, but if you follow me on Instagram, I’ve tried to post on a mostly daily basis. I’ve been doing some pretty exciting things, such as completing my Public Relations diploma (YAY ME), and revving up to launch my cookbook (pre-sale July 13-15, and official launch on August 6, 2018). I have a lot going on, and I like it that way. I’m achieving things that I never dreamed possible, but I’m going to release my secrets. Are you ready to achieve your goals and live your best life? I hope so, because that’s what today’s post is all about.

A quick update on my goals, my life, and my future plans

So, as you now know, I’m officially done my Public Relations diploma and I will attend graduation in a few short weeks. This is incredibly exciting because I DID IT! I currently hold a diploma in Environmental Protection, however these feels different. I went back to school (I talk about that experience in this article) and I think I made the right decision.

The first time I graduated I felt lost, and I still feel lost, but it’s different this time around. I’m lost, but at least this time I feel like I’m on the right path. Last time I felt like I was in the middle of the forest with no path in sight. At least this time I’m on the path, and I just need to decide which direction I need to go.

Before we get into how YOU will achieve your goals, I want to give you some background on how I’ve been achieving my own.

My job

Well, I’m still working part-time at the same retail job I’ve been at for over a year, and things are going fine. It’s a good place to be, I can’t complain too much. However, I really do feel claustrophobic. I’ve got a lot of goals (we’ll discuss those shortly) that cannot be completed working at my part-time job, yah know? So, in that sense I don’t feel fantastic, but in the meantime it pays the bills.

I am actively seeking employment in my city, however this is quite a small city and there isn’t a lot to offer in terms of my field right now. I’m working as a relationship content writer for – You can check out my article feed here. This job rocks because I can do it from ANYWHERE. It’s really making me love the idea of being a full-time freelancer, if that’s even possible.

Part of my vision board (view it here) actually says “I’m too creative for a 9-5”, and I’m starting to believe that is incredibly true. I need more than a 9-5 job. I want to do something different on a daily basis, and that is why I’m digging on the idea of being a digital nomad. I want to freelance my way through life. I can travel, and do whatever I want, whenever I want.

When I have a family, I will be able to work from home. It seems perfect, honestly. I don’t know… This seems like the sort of thing that my mother might raise an eyebrow at, if I told her this was my career goal. Some insight into this from you lovely little beings would be FAB.

My life

Well, these days my job seems to be the largest part of my life, but there is some things that are unique in themselves. My gym partner is back in town, and that means my gym routine is about to get back on track (THANK HEAVENS). I’ve been intermittent fasting again, which feels awesome, and I’ve been trying to eat low carb, high fat… and well, that’s been going OKAY, to say the least.

I have a cookbook coming close to launching which is CRAZY to think about, and I have a list of fantastic individuals who are acting as influencers to get the word out about the book, and it’s launch which is AMAZING. It is a wonderful tribe of primarily women who are just incredibly supportive and it literally gives me life! Thank you if you are reading this.

I also started a Patreon page for the blog, which has one patron so far (Thanks Lindley, you da bomb). So that’s life.


My goals

I want to be successful, but doesn’t everybody? I want to be my own boss, because I really don’t think I will ever be happy unless I am at the top of whatever food chain I am working within.

I want to be an influencer, is that so much to ask for?

How YOU can achieve your goals and live your best life

Okay, so now that you’ve been updated on my own life, it’s time to focus on YOU, baby. What are your goals? Don’t settle for something small. I want you to dream big, here.

Think of it this way, I told my boyfriend I wanted to publish a cookbook one morning, and by that night I had started working on the cookbook, and found a way of publishing it. I didn’t even think it was possible to be months away for a cookbook launch, but here we are.

Don’t let one “no” stop you from pushing. Push open doors that close in your face. Screw the idea that “one door closes, and another one opens”. Don’t take “no” for an answer at all. Figure it out. You’re capable of doing far more than you are allowing yourself to believe you can.

You are a freaking diamond.

Ordinary people doing extraordinary things

I just posted on Instagram today about how I’m beginning to realize that I’m just an ordinary person, who spends time with ordinary people, who are capable of extraordinary things.

You don’t need to settle for an ordinary life, because you are more than ordinary. You don’t need to settle for anything. Like I said, keep pushing until you get what you want. HECK, keep pushing until you get what you deserve. To achieve your goals you need to push yourself further than you have before.

I don’t know why we’ve developed this idea that successful people are just lucky… they aren’t luck at all, they work their buns off to get to where they are. Nothing separates you from a successful person other than drive. Don’t sit on the couch every night and complain about your life.

Get off the dang couch and make your life impressive  – and not impressive for anybody else. I want you to make your life impressive for YOU. I want you to think about the things you are accomplishing, and be impressed by yourself. I want you to achieve your goals and be impressed because you never thought it was possible.

Once you start to achieve your goals, you will become addicted to achieving more. You can do more than you’re allowing yourself to believe. Push yourself, darling – the stars are waiting for you.

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