Allow Yourself To Take Up Space in 2018

Allow yourself to take up space mental health positivity

“Allow Yourself to Take Up Space Today” is a message that I shared across my Instagram and Snapchat platforms today (January 15, 2018). I woke up this morning with this message engraved in my mind, and I simply refused to let this message die within me. I needed to share it with the universe, and put out a positive message in a world full of negativity and hate.

Don’t Apologize For Being

I’m probably the most guilty of this, and in 2018 I have vowed to quit it. I often find myself apologize for being in someone’s way. “Sorry, I’ll move.” “Sorry, I’ll be gone in just a second.”. Heck no, dudes. Scrap that – stay! Take up space, and continue living and breathing in other people’s air. You are allowed to breathe the same air as those around you. You are allowed to take up the space that you need to take up.

Becoming in Tune With Your Body + Mind

Maybe it’s not just our bodies that take up space. I honestly feel as though my mind may take up so much more volume in the world. My mind is constantly expanding with new ideas, and old ideas that I have revisited time and time again. My mind seems to come out my mouth, and my ears, and ends up on the pages of old notebooks, and if I time it correctly, on the screens of those in front of you, reading my blog.

Your body and your mind is in tune with the universe. It reacts to everything and anything – whether you recognize it or not. When things go wrong, it might be the only thing that actually went right that day. When you miss a bus, and you get anxious, realize that maybe you missed that bus so that you could meet somebody on the next bus. Become more aware of the universe’s intentions, and allow your body to respond to those intentions in a positive way.

Stretch – Everything

Promise me that in 2018 you will stretch your horizons, your headspace, and your legs. Set goals that are achievable and specific. I’m a Public Relations student so we are programmed to have “measurable objectives” – but it is crucial in life as well. Don’t just say “I want to get fit”. Say “I want to lose 20 pounds this year”, or “I want to work out 3 times a week”. Oh, and write them down. Hold yourself accountable for your goals. Maybe even share them with the world – make yourself accountable as heck.

For the record, my goal is to lose 20 pounds this year. So hold me accountable, please.

Stretch Your Headspace

Stretch your headspace, and blow your own freaking mind. You are capable of incredible things, and they all begin in the space between your ears. Make plans – make crazy, mind-blowing, life altering plans. And then summon up the balls to follow through with them. Realize and accept that you are capable of far more than you are allowing yourself to do. Ball up your fists, raise them in the air, and conquer the world.

Stretch Your Legs

Stretch your legs, because physical movement is highly important to our educational movement. Do lunges around your house, and do jumping jacks in class – take up as much space as you can. Stretch your body to the point of no return, but then return. Exhale the bullshit, inhale the sunshine. Take up space and don’t apologize for it. Make a conscience effort of being as large and in charge as you humanely can be. Promise me that in 2018 that you will just be.

You are a beautiful masterpiece that is being hidden from the world, and in 2018 I pray that you put yourself on display, flaws and all. I pray that you are as loud as your voice can allow, and you are as tall as your limbs will carry you. I pray that you will exist in the world, and no longer apologize for doing so.

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