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"Edit your life frequently and relentlessly. It is your masterpiece, after all."

We are in our freaking twenty's. We have zero idea what the heck we are doing, but we are trying okay? We drink too much wine some nights, and maybe we don't know how to budget... But that's what our thirty's are for, right? We will survive, and you will too. You can take our advice if you want, but like... we wouldn't blame you if you didn't.


Founder of Wine & Misadventures

Hi friends! I'm the face of this whole operation. I am a Public Relations student with a passion for organizing words into pretty (and sometimes rather ugly) sentences. I also have a diploma in Environmental Protection.

Little Known Fact About Me: I once made the newspaper for throwing a temper tantrum in a McDonald's play place. I was 18 (Just kidding, I was actually 3, but it's funnier to imagine an 18 year old ugly crying in a ballpit).

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Content Contributor

I drink as much tea as I do booze. I’m just here to figure things out and eat my weight in food. I’m a family kind of lady and appreciate my people. Although I’m perpetually single, desperately seeking adventure and living life below average, life’s still good. Aspiring to be a functioning, productive member of society, but will likely be a cat lady.

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Kate Chambers Behind The Blog
Amber McGuirk Behind the Blog



Content Contributor

Amber is a twenty-six-year-old, social media loving, public relations grad who loves organization, coffee, DIY's and is trying to navigate through adulthood.

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I’ve been known to have the worst luck in the entire world, but that still doesn’t stop me from doing the things I love. Coffee and booze are how I make it through the school week. Watching Shrek and adventuring with my friends are what you will usually find me doing. 

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Kelsey Wood Behind The Blog
Brayden Cundari Content Contributor Canadore college marketing


Content Contributor

Hey, fam. Brayden here. Born and raised in the small city of North Bay, Ontario, I felt as if I was the only gay in the entire city. Now that I'm more grown up, I realize that I am probably the most cynical gay in the entire city.

My most notable trait is probably my ability to angry rant about the smallest of things. People think I'm hilarious, but I'm actually not funny -- I'm just really mean and people think I'm joking. There are three gateways to my heart - music, alcohol, and McDonalds.

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