The Low Fat Alternative: The Benefits of Using An Air Fryer

The Low Fat Alternative Air Fryer

“Air Fryer” is a term that has been thrown around a lot in recent years within the health community – and that is for good reason! Aside from the countless health benefits, it makes our food taste wonderful!

What is an air fryer?

Basically, it is exactly as it sounds. Just like a standard, greasy fryer, it is used to make foods such as french fries, burgers, chicken wings, and standard guilty-pleasure foods. In the past, we have over-used deep-fryers to the point of no return. Our bodies are suffering, and more importantly – our cholesterol levels are through the roof! This can lead to heart disease, diabetes, and clogged arteries. Nobody wants that, right?

With the use of an air fryer (also known as an oil-less fryer), you dramatically lower your cholesterol levels, unhealthy fat intake, and your risk of developing heart disease.

Who should use an air fryer?

Anybody and everybody. If you are trying to lose weight, get an air fryer. If you are a busy mom, get an air fryer. If you are a college student, who doesn’t want to use their stove for a small amount of food, or doesn’t have a stove, get an air fryer. If you live in a tiny apartment and don’t want to heat up your space with the use of a stove, get an air fryer. I didn’t have an air fryer until about a month ago, and I now don’t know how I ever lived without one. It’s seriously the best kitchen appliance I have ever owned.

It’s super easy to clean, because there is no oil! It’s also super easy to use. You put your food in, turn it on and walk away. It will alert you when your food is ready. It’s impossible to screw this up guys, and that’s important because if you are anything like my boyfriend, you burn everything. You know what you can’t burn anything in? An air fryer. My boyfriend never tries my wacky foods or kitchen appliances, but even he has used my air fryer.

What can you use an air fryer to make?

Well, pretty much anything really. I’ve used mine to make a lot of fries, because this girl loves fries, what can I say? A few days ago, however, I made tofu strips in the air fryer (check out my instagram story highlights). This was the best tofu I’ve literally ever had, and I’m not entirely sure if it was the fact that my dad made me a tofu press (yes, he’s a life saver), or because the air fryer is legendary.

I marinated my tofu strips in a thick sauce, and the air fryer kept all the sauce on the tofu, and actually made the sauce penetrate the tofu even more. Typically I fry my tofu in sunflower oil, and I lose a lot of the sauce in the process. Using the air fryer to make tofu was the best decision I’ve ever made.

I also discovered that my air fryer can be used as a dehydrator as well, which was absolutely mind-blowing to me. I haven’t used this as a dehydrator yet, but you best be sure that I’m going to. Imagine the beautiful apple rings, and banana chips, OH MY LANTA.

Which air fryer should you get?

Well, I’ve obviously only ever used mine, which is the Big Boss Oil-Less Air Fryer and I think it’s pretty freaking great. I’ve looked around, and it seems to be the least expensive option with high quality results. It is said to mimic the T-Fal air fryer, which in my opinion, would be the best of the best.

Big Boss Oil-Less Air Fryer:

  • Triple Cooking Power: Halogen, Convection and Infrared Heat
  • Quickly cooks from frozen, no thawing time needed
  • 2 trays cooks multiple foods at the same time
  • Uses less energy, cooking up to three times faster

Retail: $99.99 CAD

The Big Boss 1300-Watt Oil-Less Fryer allows you to make heart-healthy meals without the added calories that come with using a traditional deep fryer. The fryer’s efficient design heats food quickly while retaining flavor and moisture. Suitable for cooking a range of meat, poultry, vegetables, and desserts, this versatile tabletop cooker comes in handy for any meal. Its two-tray design lets it cook multiple foods simultaneously, adding a dose of convenience to meal preparation.

Big Boss Oil-Less Air Fryer

T-Fal ActiFry 2 in 1

  • Control panel for two cooking areas with 4 programs to cook meat, fish, poultry and desserts
  • Additional non-stick cooking plate for unlimited delicious dishes in one go
  • Removable cooking pan and plate featuring exclusive ceramic coating
  • Full colour recipe book with 20 recipes for great meal ideas
  • Lid, Stirring paddle, measuring spoon, cooking pan and plate are removable and dishwasher safe

Retail: $268.00 CAD

This ingenious multi cooker lets you make 1.5 kilograms of crispy, tasty homemade fries using only one tablespoon of oil. The fryer can also be used to prepare a wide variety of healthy and tasty recipes with vegetables, meat, poultry, seafood, and fruits. A constant and even flow of hot air ensures thorough cooking of food, while an automatic stirring paddle mixes and coats food with sauces or oil for even cooking results.

Use whichever type of oil you prefer to vary the taste and diversify your diet. The fryer has a transparent lid with automatic open button to safely and easily monitor food during cooking and because there is no oil bath and no condensation, there is no risk of getting burnt. The cool-touch body ensures added safety. A 60-minute timer with beep indicator lets you know when your meal is ready. A full colour recipe book and 14 mL measuring spoon are included.

T-Fal ActiFry 2 in 1 Air Fryer

Other air fryer options

These are just two options for air fryers that I chose to compare because I own one (the Big Boss) and the other was supposed to be it’s main competition. I think at the end of the day, the T-Fal likely has more settings and options, but it is also nearly 3x the price of the Big Boss air fryer.

At the end of the day, I think it depends how much you care about the brand name, and how much you want to spend on another kitchen appliance. If I had the money, I think I would invest in the T-Fal, knowing how much I love my Big Boss and how much I use it. I know that it wouldn’t sit in a cupboard untouched for months.

Other air fryer options include, XtremePowerUS Electric Air Fryer ($109.95 CAD), Molla AirSmart Air Fryer ($99.99 CAD), and the Philips Digital Air Fryer ($299.99 CAD).

If you have any questions about using an air fryer, or their benefits please do no hesitate to reach out in the comments or via email. Also, please share your air fryer recipes with me because I would love to try MORE!


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