Choosing To Tell It Like It Is: Don’t Be Fake

Don't Be Fake

It happens so often, that we are now expected to do the same. We’re expected to fit the mold, and when we don’t, we are considered rude and dramatic.

If I Don’t Like You, I’m Not Going To Fake It

Rest assured, if I’m kind to you, and genuinely seem interested in what you are doing in your life, it is because I am interested in what you are doing in your life. There’s no shenanigans here. I’m not asking how you are, just to get ‘dirt’ on you and then go off and tell one of your enemies. I know this concept sounds completely outlandish, but it’s a fact. If I seem to care, I care. I’m not going to put my energy into something or someone that I don’t think deserves it. If you make me feel like absolute garbage, I’m going to tell you just that.

Being Two-Faced Seems To Be The Norm

fake friends

You act nice to their face, and then completely trash them behind their back. If I don’t like you, or something you are doing, I’m going to tell you. I’m not going to be fake about it. If it’s bad enough that I make the conscious decision to stop being around you, I’m not going to ask you to hangout, and when you ask me to do so, I’m going to decline.

You aren’t obligated to spend time with someone that drains your positive energy. Your time has value, and you shouldn’t just hand it out like it’s candy.

You Need To Stand Your Ground

Stand behind what you say when the doors are closed. If you are saying rude things about someone, you’d better also be saying it to them. Don’t be a coward. If you don’t agree with something, then say that! Life’s way too short to play both sides. You’re going to make enemies in life, and in my opinion, I’d rather they be the people that didn’t respect my opinion’s. I’d rather the people who don’t like me, be the people who found out I didn’t like them, and decided that the feelings would then be mutual. If I walk around playing both sides of the coin, I’m going to lose trust in the people that matter most, and I don’t want that.

To be completely blunt, if you’re doing these things, it’s super obvious to everyone around you, and I probably don’t have a lot of respect for you. Because if I haven’t already made it super clear, I am not going to waste my energy on two-faced/fake/dramatic people. You can go do that… over there.

It Doesn’t Make You A Bad Person

Maybe it does? But I don’t particularly care. It takes way too much energy to be fake, and I have no desire to play those games. You are completely allowed to dislike someone or something they are doing. You are also allowed to limit your interactions with them, and you’re allowed to tell them why, but you aren’t required to. When did this world become such a “wishy-washy” place to be!?

“Why weren’t you at the family dinner?” Because dude over there is a douche, and the amount of power it would take for me to hold myself back from slapping him into the middle of next week is enough to keep me miles away from the dinner table. That’s why, Sharon. #TruthBomb







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