I Want to Live a Life of Misadventures and Broken Arms

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An Exciting Life Isn’t Lived On The Couch

I don’t want to be trapped like a rat in a cage. I want to fly… But maybe not super high, because heights freak me out a little. But I’m trying to be poetic here, okay? Basically, I want to get away from the parts of my life that maybe aren’t so magnificent and flashy. I want a life of magic and “pinch me” moments. I want to live an exciting life. I’m just not getting that sitting on the same couch, in the same apartment, writing about the same things. I need to experience more things, in order to write about more things.

I Want To Write About an Exciting Life

I place writing high on the totem pole of things I need to do in life, because I’ve learned in the past year or so, that it is something I need to do. If I didn’t write, I feel as though a very important part of my life would be left neglected and mistreated, and I refuse to mistreat any part of my life (especially not that part).

I find myself searching the Instagram explore tab more than actually exploring the world around me. How pathetic is that? I could be looking into the depths of the Grand Canyon, or swimming in the salty ocean, but instead I’m watching stranger’s on Instagram do it for me.

I could be living an exciting life, just like the ones I see on Instagram, but here I am – on my couch, writing about how life could be.

Zipling in California

Don’t get me wrong, I love my life and my little family. I have a loving boyfriend, and puppy that just never stops running, and licking, and playing. One of them pees on the carpet twice a day, and the other has four legs. Just kidding… they both pee on the carpet twice a day. No, but in all seriousness I wouldn’t change them for the world, and I can’t imagine my life without them. But I wish we could all go somewhere else, and do more things. You know the “things”. Go ziplining – followed by me changing my pants because again, fear of heights! We could move to California and learn to surf, which will likely be followed by injuries, but hey we will heal together!

I Want To be a Cool Grandmother

I just don’t want to be a grandmother that doesn’t have cool stories to tell my grandchildren. Wouldn’t that be the worst?  I want them to say “wow grandma, you were a badass”, and then I’ll laugh and pretend like they shouldn’t say that word because it’s “crass and rude”. I want to tell them tales of my magical and exciting life once lived.

I want a life of misadventures and broken arms. Yah, you know what… bring on the broken bones! I mean, as long as it happens as a result of living life to the fullest. If not, I could do without, thanks. Otherwise though, I’m ready for whatever happens! I refuse to be stuck. I am not a tree, rooted into the ground. I am a human being, or so I’m told… and I have two legs. Two legs that are perfectly capable of moving me around and doing spectacular things. Oh, and I plan to do all the things.

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