How Fitbit Products Have Helped Me Reach My Fitness Goals

Fitbit has been around for several years now, and they have become quite popular not only in the fitness world, but in everyday life. Most people have a Fitbit, or a device that does similar things. Step counters and smart watches have become the new normal, but I’m honestly still loyal to the Fitbit brand, and I’m going to tell you why.

The Fitbit Flex

I first started using Fitbit products a couple of years ago (Add me on Fitbit) when I started using the Fitbit Flex. This was the original Fitbit Flex, but there is now a new version (Available online: Fitbit Flex 1 and Fitbit Flex 2). It was a simple step counter, with a tiny screen, that basically only told the things that I needed to know – Did I reach my step goal for the day? It had 5 dots on the screen, that was it – no clock, no words, no text at all. Each dot represented 20% of my step goal. Since my daily step goal was 10,000 steps, each dot on my Fitbit screen meant I had walked 2,000 steps. Once I reached my step goal for the day, it would vibrate excitedly, celebrating my success for the day.

I was perfectly fine using my little Fitbit device, because at the time, I wasn’t very active or into working out. I worked with kids, and I walked everywhere, so I almost always got my 10,000 steps a day, but nothing more than that. I was lucky if I burned 2,500 steps a day. I didn’t lift weights regularly – I don’t think I even had a gym membership when I just started using my Fitbit flex. This device was all I needed for the time being.

The Fitbit Charge 2 HR

Game changer. For my 22nd birthday, my boyfriend got me a new Fitbit. God bless his soul! After using the Fitbit Flex for almost 2 years, it wasn’t really doing it for me anymore. It died easily, and was nearly impossible to charge. It no longer synced up with my Fitbit app, and I was going to the gym on a regular basis now. I wanted something more from my activity tracker.

I was planning on buying the Fitbit Charge 2 HR once I had saved enough to be able to treat myself, without feeling guilty about it. Luckily for me, he surprised me with it for my birthday.

This Fitbit is the one that I still have, and I LOVE IT. I recommend it to all of my friends, and in turn, they love it as well. This activity tracker has smart-tracking, that automatically detects workouts without you having to manually enter it into the Fitbit app, or set it on the tracker. If I do a dance workout, Fitbit recognizes the movements, and submits the “Aerobic Workout” to my dashboard, including the time it took to complete, the calories I burned, and even which heart-rate zone I was in during the workout (Fat Burn, Cardio, and Peak).

My favourite thing about this activity tracker is the quick workout settings. If I am about to do an elliptical workout, I can start it using my Fitbit Charge 2, and stop it when I am done. After which, it will tell me the calories burned, my average heart rate, the number of steps I took, and more.

Fitbit Charge 2 Free Shipping

I also like to use this during weight lifting sessions. Just like cardio, it tracks my heart rate and calories burned during each session. Once I am done at the gym, I can go home and pull up the Fitbit app or website dashboard. This will give me in-depth graphs of my workouts and tell me exactly what time my heart rate was at its highest. This is helpful information because in order to burn more calories during a workout, you need to keep your heart rate above ~120. If you know exactly when your heart rate was at its highest, you can duplicate that exercise for future training sessions.

You can purchase the Fitbit Charge 2 HR here: Fitbit Charge 2 HR.

Sleep tracking analytics

Another fun feature of Fitbit trackers, is the ability to track our sleep patterns. Not going to lie, it is sort of terrifying to look at my sleep graph, and find out how much time I’m actually awake in the middle of the night. This explains a lot!

Tracking your sleep patterns is important because rest promotes muscle recovery and gives you the energy you need throughout the day to not only burn calories while rested, but have the energy to workout and burn calories.

It is also interesting to contrast your daily habits with your sleep patterns, and determine what provides you with the best sleep.

Sleep is crucial to a healthy life and diet.

The Fitbit Aria Scale is life-changing

Okay, so my final and most recent Fitbit purchase was the Fitbit Aria. The Fitbit Aria is a smart-scale, that tracks your weight, body fat % and lean mass.

While this might be one of the pricier scales on the market, it is definitely worth it! You can go to Wal-Mart and pick up a classic white scale that will only tell you how much you weigh, but let’s be honest for a second: If you are serious about your weight loss journey, and overall fitness, you know that health is more than just the pounds you carry. Muscle weighs more than fat. We know this, but we don’t really understand it until it’s laid out in front of us.

The Fitbit Aria does just that for you. As I previously mentioned, Fitbit does a wonderful job of creating graphs for us and displaying them via the dashboard. The Fitbit Aria syncs directly to your Fitbit account and gives you incredibly insight into your fitness journey.

For example, through Fitbit, I know that in the past month I have lost 6 pounds of fat, and gained nearly 10 pounds of muscle. If I had a regular Walmart scale, all I would know is that I gained 4 pounds in a month. That is SO discouraging for someone who is trying to get fit and healthy.

With the Fitbit Aria scale, I know that my regular gym visits (6 out of 7 days a week), and my healthy eating plan are really working! You can follow trends on this Fitbit graphs that give you real life insight into how your diet affects your health journey, as well.

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Recently, I had started drinking this “naturally sweetened” iced tea (I typically don’t drink any juices or pop at all, but I foolishly trusted the marketing of this product, instead of taking a closer look at the ingredients list). After a couple of weeks of drinking this tea on a fairly regular basis, I noticed that I was breaking out and was incredibly bloated. The scale kept telling me that I was gaining weight and I couldn’t figure out why – Until I read the tea more carefully and discovered that it contained Sucralose!

Now that I have stopped drinking this tea, I’ve dropped the weight, and things are looking for up me. By following the trends on the Fitbit graphs, I can visually see when I was drinking the tea, and the effects it was having on my body.

I highly recommend this scale – It’s honestly worth the extra money, if you are serious about getting in shape, and becoming a healthier version of yourself.

You can purchase the Fitbit Aria scale on Amazon: Fitbit Aria 1 and the Fitbit Aria 2.

1 Month Weight Loss Progress: Before and After

As I previously stated, in the past month I have lost 6 pounds of fat, and gained almost 10 pounds of muscle. These photos aren’t ideal for showing progress, but I can definitely see a difference in my booty.

Brett Larabie Blogger Fitness
January 2018
Brett Larabie Blogger Fitness
February 2018


I started a booty gains challenge on my Instagram, after watching a Buzzfeed video on the subject. Basically, you do 100 squats a day for a month. You can do them weighted with a barbell, or just body-weight squats. However you choose to do them, you need to do 100 squats a day, for 30 days. I’m starting on March 1, 2018. If you’d like to join me, say “IM ON BOARD THE BOOTY GAINS TRAIN” in the comments, or DM me on Instagram.

May the Booty Gods be ever in your favour!

Be sure to follow me on Instagram + Twitter to stay up to date on my fitness journey. I post vegan recipes + workouts on my Instagram page.

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  1. I have been on the fence for a while about getting a Fitbit since I primarily run and use a GPS watch. I now think it might be worth it to have the other information the newer versions provide.

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