An Honest 8 Month Review of My Fitbit Aria Scale

An honest review of the fitbit aria sale wine and misadventures

In September 2017, I purchased a Fitbit Aria scale. I was incredibly excited because I’ve been on my fitness journey for almost two years now, and I had avoided using a scale because the numbers constantly fluctuate, and it is honestly a huge barrier to my mental health. It is incredibly devastating to diet and workout all week, and to get on the scale and see that there is no change, or perhaps you have GAINED weight. This is the story of my fitness journey – it’s never come easy.

My Fitness Journey [Uncut]

It’s never been easy, and of course losing weight isn’t easy for anybody – but for some people it really is. And this isn’t looking for a pity party, I am just trying to make you understand how much I have struggled through this entire journey, and why I opted to purchase this smart scale. I talked about this in my article here.

I’m not entirely sure what it is, but I’m confident that there is something chemical imbalanced in my body, that makes it difficult to lose weight. I am seriously telling you, I eat a pretty good diet… I eat a plant based diet, drink black coffee and tea, rarely drink junk food, never eat desserts, drink a TON of water etc. etc. etc. I also workout 6 out of 7 days a week. Hearing this, you would think that I would have my dream body – It just doesn’t make sense. I really do try so hard, and it just doesn’t seem to work.

But I am honestly okay with it. Seriously, it is going to be difficult to get there, but my mindset is that this struggle will make it more worthwhile when I finally do get to where I want to be.

Purchasing the Fitbit Aria Scale

So, since a regular bathroom scale was triggering negative thoughts, I opted to stay away from it. Instead, I judged my weightless by the way my clothes fit me, and the way my body felt throughout the day. This worked for many months, but eventually I wanted to know the numbers. I am definitely a number oriented person, and therefore I wanted the data to make me feel like I was either on the right track, or if I needed to alter something.

I have the Fitbit Charge 2, and before that, I had the Fitbit flex, and I really do love my fitness tracker(s)! I use the Fitbit app every single day, and I had heard wonderful things about their customer support, so it just seemed to make sense: Get the Fitbit Aria Scale.

So I did.

The Fitbit Aria Scale is supposed to track your weight, your BMI, your body fat %, and your lean mass. This was all charted via the Fitbit app, and so you could see your REAL changes, not just your overall body weight. It seemed like the right fit.

Setting Up The Fitbit Aria Scale

Here is where things got rough. I had just purchased the Fitbit Aria scale for nearly $200.00 CAD. The price tag seemed a bit much for me, but if I was getting what it was marketed to be, then I was okay with this.

For those of your that don’t know, the Fitbit Aria scale connects through WiFi networks. This seemed super neat and inventive, and I never considered that this would ultimately be it’s downfall. I first tried to set up the scale through my iOS Fitbit app, and failed. The app crashed countless times before I could even get to the WiFi setup. I grabbed my laptop and tried using the internet browser to set it up, and once again, failed. For whatever reason, the website just crashed and would not proceed.

Finally, after doing my own research, I found that I may need to download the Fitbit Aria scale setup program – so I did. Oh, and it failed too.

After spending nearly $200.00 CAD on a smart scale that was supposed to be the best in the industry, I was stuck with a piece of plastic that didn’t connect to it’s app. Great.

Long story short, I tried approximately 10 more times to set up this scale via the computer program, and it FINALLY connected.


Until I had to change the batteries, and I was stuck in the same situation. A week later I got it connected, FINALLY.

Until it stopped connecting randomly, 2 weeks later. Then I stopped trying.

Troubleshooting the Fitbit Aria Scale Setup

One of the biggest issues with the Fitbit aria scale, is the fact that it can only connect to a specific type of router. So, fun fact, if you don’t have that router, you are OUT OF LUCK. Oh, and also, even if you do have the specific type of router (which I do), you might still be out of luck.

  • You also must make sure your computer is not connected to the internet via an ethernet cable.
  • You cannot have numbers or special characters in your WiFi network
  • Your scale must be within 10 feet of the router
  • Your scale must be on a hard, flat surface
  • You must also talk super nice to the scale, and pray to the Fitbit Gods to make it work

Basically? Don’t get the Fitbit Aria scale.

Additional issues with the Fitbit Aria Scale

Unfortunately, it wasn’t just the sync errors with the Fitbit Aria scale that bothered me.

  • Lack of privacy – Others using the scale can see your own weight (yes, it shows as “guest” on their end, but they can easily determine that it is YOUR weight)
  • Lack of accuracy – Seriously, I started doing weigh-ins on the daily so that I can perfectly track my progress at the end of the week, but ALSO, because this scale is incredibly inaccurate. I tested it. I got on the scale, got off, and got back on – Apparently I lost 3 pounds in 0.5 seconds. WOW, wouldn’t that be nice!
  • Incredibly touchy – You have to keep it in one location to improve accuracy, but many people don’t have the space to leave a scale on the floor indefinitely, HELLO?!

Fitbit Customer Support

Guys, I have never been more disappointed in a company, specifically a HUGE, nationally-known company. I reached out to Fitbit via Twitter DM’s, and I was replied to with a standard, copy-and-paste message that they send to all of their support cases.

My response? Well, I was honest. I told them I didn’t appreciate the automated reply. I wanted to talk to a real person. They are a multi-million dollar company, so they could afford to get support staff that were actually there to help, right? After a long couple of weeks conversing with the Fitbit support team, I quit. They continued to send me the same message back, giving me a list of possible issues that I may need to change in order to make the scale work – after I had told them countless times that I had tried every single one of their troubleshooting tips, and had no success.

It was like talking to a wall. They weren’t really listening. They were reading the first 3 words and copy-and-pasting the closest response they could find. They also started giving me troubleshooting tips for the Aria 2, which I never once said I had. Again, only reading the first 3 words and assuming they knew what they were talking about.

Needless to say, the Fitbit customer support team needs an upgrade. I’m incredibly disappointed.

What now?

I love my Fitbit Charge 2, and as much as I would love to drop this brand altogether, I just can’t. The Fitbit Charge 2 connects and syncs, and pretty much does what it is supposed to do. The scale, on the other hand? Let’s just say Value Village is getting a new addition.

If anybody has any recommendations for a new smart scale, please let me know. I really need a smart scale, but I also need one that works. One that syncs to it’s designated program/app, one that doesn’t jump from weight to weight minutes after another, and one that doesn’t give me a headache on the daily.

I apologize for the negative posts, babes. I try very hard to be a positive light, but in the same token, you deserve my honest review of this product, since I had promoted it for so so long.



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