An Open Letter To The United States of America

An open letter to donald trump and the united states of america las vegas shooting gun laws

Dear America,

In light of the recent tragedy in Las Vegas, we need to address some highly important things. You may want to sit down.

America is romanticized in the media time and time again, and since the date of conception we are programmed to believe that America is the greatest country in the world; home of New York City, the city that never sleeps, and many of the greatest companies are born in America. We all strive for the “American Dream” and some of us dream of the day where we lay our heads down on a pillow while looking out at the Empire State Building. We are flooded with images of “Make America Great Again”, but when are we going to Make America Good Again?

Make America Good Again

You gave us Nikola Tesla, Bill Nye, Steve Jobs, and Micheal Jackson, but you also gave us mass shootings and corruption. “Us” referring to the world, of course. We keep rooting for you, and hoping you will do better, but here we are again.

Why does your president believe he can solve world issues by tweeting childish names to other world leaders, and deflecting any and all blame he can? You know we are all human, right? We make mistakes. We hug each other, and we apologize. You don’t need to be different.¬†

Being good doesn’t necessarily mean donating funds to those in need. The world doesn’t just need money – it needs someone to care. You are easily the most powerful country in the world, and I fear you may be letting that go to waste.

Humankind – be both.

It’s Time To Edit Your Gun Laws

Excuse my bluntness, but how many more people need to lose their mother, son, daughter, or brother to gun violence before you will make changes? I know it is in your constitution that you have the right to bare arms, but this isn’t 1787 – it is 2017. Speaking as someone who lives in a country with virtually no gun violence, what on earth are you doing, guys?! I know you need to protect yourself, but you’re protecting yourself with guns from other people with guns, and that just doesn’t make sense. Remove the common denominator – Get rid of the guns.¬†

C’mon America, we’re rooting for you. You can do better, and you know it.


A World Citizen That Is Surviving Without a Gun


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