It’s Time to Let Go…

Life is a learning experience, and it never really ends. Everything that happens to us has an ultimate purpose, and typically it is to teach us a lesson. We learn from our past, and we move on. But sometimes we don’t.

What Happens When You Don’t Move On

Moving on is easier said than done. We get hung up on people and relationships and places, and things. It’s easy to say “it’s over” and pretend like your history with someone doesn’t exist anymore – but it does, and you shouldn’t ignore it.

If you don’t move on, it begins to take over your life. Maybe without you even knowing it, you become obsessed with this person and your failed relationship. They hurt you, and it’s easy to become petty. It’s easy to hold a grudge and aim to be better than them to prove that you’re better off without them.

This can be applied to romantic relationships, platonic relationships and relationships with our families. You know what, it can even be applied to a relationship with yourself. In my case, I’m talking about a relationship with someone that was my best friend.

Life is Better When You Forgive Those That Wronged You

This is me publicly saying that I’m sorry. I’m sorry for all of the things that I said about you, but not to you. I’m sorry for the times that I stayed up at night thinking about how “terrible” you were, and how you betrayed me. I’m sorry for the amount of time that I spent hating you.

This is a public statement: I forgive you, and I’m actually moving on now.

Last week I had a moment of truth where I discovers that none of this matters anymore. I was subconsciously spending time hating you, and holding a grudge that wasn’t healthy. I made the conscious decision, right then and there, to let it go. And I’ve never felt better.

I walk a little lighter, and smile a little brighter. I can breathe easier, knowing that my life is no longer focused around the pain you caused me.

2018 is The Year of Positivity + Calm

I’ve declared my intentions for 2018, and they include being unapologetically happy. I’m talking ridiculously happy.

I’ve given up all my grudges. I’ve moved on. Any negative feelings I have had in the past are dead and gone, and I’m ready to accept positivity into my life.

No bad vibes baby, I’m only into the good ones now.

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