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Brayden Cundari My Wishes for 2018 Canadore College

I’m going to start this off by mentioning that I know how cliche this is – but with the New Year fast approaching I have been doing a little bit of self reflection. I am now realizing that there are good things about me that I love, but there are also some things that I don’t love. And that’s not okay with me. I mean sure there’s a healthy amount of distaste for yourself, so long as it doesn’t cross over the line of unhealthy, like it has for myself. Though I have no intention to become some arrogant individual, I’d like to be happy with myself and my accomplishments! I honestly cannot tell you why I’m sitting here typing out some personal stuff to be posted on the internet to be seen by anyone and everyone, but I feel as though if I share what I want and need for 2018, then maybe by simply just putting it out there it will come.


I know everyone has some degree of quarrel with their body, and that constant drive for better improvement can never be regarded as a bad thing. But I’ve become more and more dissatisfied with my body which is in turn only making the issue worse and worse. But 2018 is going to be the year I sit down and ask myself, “What is it you like? What is it you don’t like? What are you wanting to change, and how are you going to go about garnering that change?” Your body is something that everyone around you can see, and it needs to be something you feel confident about. There is no ideal body type and that is something that I am very aware of, but at the end of the day, I want to go to sleep at night and be happy with what I see in the mirror. So by the end of 2018, I will be happy with what I see.


As I sit here and think of what I’m going to change about the way I think, it’s hard to narrow it down to what I want to change. Pretty much solely because it isn’t that I want to change anything, it’s that I need to. In 2017 I’ve found myself thinking a majority of negative things and taking something that could very easily be an extremely positive thing and having it spun to a negative thing in my head. I catch self at work, home, with friends, always talking about negative things and quite frankly, it’s getting exhausting.

I need to revive my brain back to the way I used to be, with positivity flowing through my veins and sweating positive energy. Regain all of the positive ground I’ve lost in my life, rid of the negative energies and people and focus on the stuff and people I feel are healthy for me. We need to wake up in the morning and be happy to be alive, and have the people and things that we do. I need to welcome new people in my life who are going to make a positive change in my life instead of harbouring negative energies. I need to find the old me again, and I will.


Love is the final thing I want to find within 2018. And I’m not really specifically talking about a boyfriend, I’m talking just love in general. Whether I welcome a new really close friend, a boyfriend, a pet, anything. I’m excited to get more love in 2018. The heart can really wrap together the body and mind once they’re working in unison. Once my body and mind are at peace and I learn to love myself again, I’ll finally be able to love someone and/or something else. Love is probably one of the most beautiful things the human race is capable of, and I want to bask myself in it every day. 3 years ago was when my ex and I broke up, and I’m finally feeling like I’m getting over it. Time healed that wound, so now it is time to move onward and upward.

I can smell change on the horizon on so many levels. With a new year about to be rung in, tell me what it is you’re most looking forward to in 2018, whether it be specific events, personal changes  – anything!


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