What Nobody Tells You About Losing Weight

the things that nobody tells you about losing weight

Everybody wants to lose weight – but nobody talks about what it’s like to actually do so. I think we have this misconception that the process is all sunshine and rainbows and that there is no dark moments during this weight loss journey – but I promise you that there is. Losing weight isn’t everything you’ve ever dreamed of.

I’ve wrote a lot of articles about losing weight on this blog:

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Losing Weight: Big Scale

I think most of the population is trying to lose weight – some are trying to lose 5-10 pounds, but a lot of us are aiming for something bigger. Personally, from my starting weight, I want to lose a total of 90-100 pounds. That isn’t a minor feat, and it is something to seriously consider before embarking on.

If you are looking to lose less than 10 pounds, then this article may not directly relate to you. I apologize, but stick around because some of these points might resonate with you on some level.

If you are, were severely overweight, like myself, then this article is for you. It’s the little things and some of the not so little things that nobody tells you when you are trying to lose weight; things that can seriously damage your confidence and self esteem.

The Things That Nobody Tells You About Losing Weight

Well, first of all, nobody told me how difficult it would be – and I don’t mean physically, I mean mentally.

#1 Losing weight is terribly draining on your mental health

Here’s the thing, when you are actively trying to lose weight, you put 80% of your focus in a day on just that; what you are eating, how many steps you are getting, and how much water you ingest in a day. It is truly exhausting to put that much of your daily focus and energy into things that many people do not even give a second thought to. I want to eat whatever I want and not worry about the consequences, but if I want to reach my goal, I need to eat quinoa and celery. That’s just the way it is.

What’s worse is that you can follow your diet plan strictly and to a tee, and still not drop a pound when you “weigh in”. Do you know how devastating that can be? To give it your all, and to see no results from it? It is truly awful. It makes you believe that there is no use; you will never see your dreams brought to fruition.

#2 Your friends might lose weight faster than you

Yeah, this is the worst thing that I have experienced through this journey. I hate to admit it, but I definitely catch myself comparing my progress to others progress – it is a difficult thing to avoid when you are on this journey, especially when you are following your diet plan and fitness regime perfectly and seeing very slow results.

I personally have a very difficult and temperamental metabolism and I am just not one of the fortunate ones that lose weight just by thinking about it. I need to stick to routine and be incredible patient because the results will come, but they won’t come quickly, and I’m starting to learn that this is perfectly okay.

Everybody’s body is different, but they are all perfect.

#3 Not every diet is going to help you lose weight

I have done extensive research on food and diet plans, and eating for your blood type, and a million other things that I could write about for days, however I’m just going to cut to the chase. Just like everything in life, you need to try a plethora of methods and ideas until you find the one that works. Not everything is going to work for your body, so you need to be patient.

Try eating low carb, high fat, no sugars, high protein, whatever – try everything until you determine which one works for you.

Personally, I find that the best diet that works for me is low carb, and a lot of vegetables. Let me be more specific here: I eat potatoes and quinoa and rice, but I try not to eat too much breads in a day, but when I do, I make sure it is whole grain.

#4 You are going to make a lot of friends

This sounds positive, but I’m sort of bitter about this fact. Since I started losing weight, I’m noticing that people who never talked to me before suddenly want to be my friend. Oh, and members of the opposite sex are suddenly checking me out as I walk by.

I thought this might be a great thing, but I’m incredibly annoyed by it, to be honest. I think it annoys me because nobody gave me the time of day 50 pounds ago, but now I’m suddenly worthy of a second look? Nuh-uh honey, I’ve always been worthy.

#5 You’re going to spend a lot of money on new clothes

Luckily for me, I manage a women’s clothing store where I get a fantastic discount. Otherwise? I would be incredibly poor. Last month, I purchased a new pair of distressed jeans and they were beautiful. But 2 weeks later? Well 2 weeks later I had to buy a new pair because the old ones were too big.

It can be incredibly frustrating because the articles of clothing that you grow to love need to be donated or passed on to somebody else because they no longer fit your changing body.

It’s great to see your body changing and shrinking, but your wallet is not thanking you.

#6 Everybody is going to have something to say

The people who have been saying that they want to lose weight for the past 10 years? Yeah, they are going to have something to say. The people that have lost 50 pounds already? They are also going to have something to say. I promise you, everybody and their mother is going to have something to tell you about their weight loss journey and how you need to do something different.

It is incredible difficult to keep this a private journey because everybody wants to add in their 2 cents. Sometimes? Well, sometimes advice and second opinions are great! Don’t turn them down right away – give them a chance. But take everything they say with a grain of salt, because they might have great input, but they might have nothing nice to say.

#7 You don’t need anything special

Companies are going to try to sell you on diet pills and shakes and I’m here to tell you that they work – but they aren’t the only things that do. You don’t need to invest hundreds, if not thousands of dollars on diet plans and foods when you could just refocus your eating plan.

Eat real foods, and get moving. Get a cheap little food scale (I have this one) and measure out proper portions! When you stop overthinking it, losing weight becomes a lot easier than these companies make it out to be. Burn more calories than you take in, and you will start to see the pounds fall. Also, don’t waste those precious calories on sugary sweets or coffee – Drink your coffee black and save yourself 300 or so calories per beverage!

Remember, losing weight is YOUR journey

This is your journey, so don’t let anybody else try and dictate it for you. Remember to be patient and to be kind to your body, because it takes time to see results.

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