3 Ingredient Health-Conscious Oatmeal Cookies

3 Ingredient Oatmeal Cookies

Hello, and happy Saturday to my beautiful friends! I hope you have spent the day doing amazing things that made you happy! As you can tell from the title, I made oatmeal cookies today! But before that, I got to sleep in until 10 a.m. – which was amazing! Then I enjoyed a big cup of coffee and my favourite book right now “Milk and Honey” by Rupi Kaur. It’s been circulating book stores and social media for a long time now, but I just recently got my hands on the digital copy, and I couldn’t be more in love with the gut-wrenching rawness of these words. Get it on Amazon here.

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Oatmeal Cookies Rupi Kaur

I’m on a health kick (aren’t we all, these days?) and I’m doing my best to stay away from sweets. But, lets be honest: Everybody likes cookies (and I’m loving oatmeal cookies lately!). With my health plan in mind, I went on a hunt for a healthy, but delicious cookie. I scoured the depths of Pinterest until I came across this recipe, and needed to share it with you all!

These oatmeal cookies would be wonderful for breakfast or a quick snack – even a healthy snack for your kids! Regardless of who is eating them when, you need to try them out! Actually, speaking of oatmeal cookies, I made oatmeal muffins in the past, and they were bomb! Check that post out here: High Protein Banana Oat Muffins.

The originally recipe called for 3 ingredients.

  1. Oatmeal
  2. Ripe Bananas
  3. Raisins

Simple enough right?

I opted to switch my raisins for dried cranberries, because I just prefer those, however you could use raisins if you’re a fan! I also added chocolate chips, and a bit of vanilla! No regrets.


Add what you want, but be prepared to eat 12 because man oh man they are delicious! You could also add things like cinnamon, nuts, white chocolate chips, and it would change the taste entirely, but if you stick to the three main ingredients I think they would be delicious!

I mean, C’MON ! Look at those beautiful babies!? Oatmeal cookies have filled my tummy, yes they have. In fact, it is quite possible that I have ingested so many oatmeal cookies that I have become one. I’m not even upset about it.  

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