Why Going Back To School Was The Best Decision I Ever Made

In September of 2013, I started on an adventure of a lifetime (college) – I moved away from home, moved into a house with 5 other girls I didn’t know, and prepared to start my post-secondary education in Environmental Protection. My bedroom was in the basement of an old townhouse, and the lighting was absolutely atrocious. But that wasn’t even the worst part. Our townhouse was surrounded by about 25 other houses that were also nothing great to look at, but ours was 1 of 2 houses that was built about 15 years prior to the other ones, and therefore was one of the only ones with a basement. We had rats. We had mice. We had moles. It was disgusting. Maybe that’s the reason I drank too much cheap beer – too forget.

College Was Alright The First Time

Don’t get me wrong, I had the full college experience the first time I attended – Cheap beer, crazy house parties, drinking in class – I mean what? It was fun! I had a great time, and I met some wonderful people. But I failed a class, and my GPA was a 1.45 by the time the first year was over. I was doing terribly, and I needed to get my act together or I would be a college dropout, and that just wasn’t going to happen. So long story short, I figured it out and managed a 3.50 when I eventually graduated a year later. To be frank, I was done with school forever. I didn’t want any part of that, and I swore I would never go back. “School just isn’t my thing” I would say – But that was just a cop out!

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I Worked For A Year And Realized How Great College Really Was

So after graduating, I spent a year trying to find a job in the field. Well, newsflash – In a small city, nobody cares about the environment, and those that do, are employed already. I wasn’t getting a job, so I ended up working as a Youth Programmer for the local government. I had fun, but it was only 9 hours a week, and that really wasn’t paying the bills. So, I picked up a second job. I lived above a Scrub Shop (Nurse Uniforms) so I ended up picking up some extra work there. I worked at the Youth Program 3 days a week, and at the scrub shop every Saturday. This seemed to be good enough. I wasn’t rolling in dough by any means, but I could pay the bills every month, and I still had a lot of free time to … Well, I’m not really sure what I did when I wasn’t working to be honest? Probably ate, because I gained a lot of weight that year.

I apparently got bored about 3 months into this scenario, and picked up a third job as a Cashier at A&W. This was the worst thing I could have ever done for myself, because my manager was the spawn of Satan. To give you a representation of the entire experience, I came in to work one day and he said I was working drive-thru (I had never been trained). I said “Oh okay, am I getting trained today then?” and he looked at me, annoyed, said “No, go NOW!” and walked away. Oh okay, cool, thanks dude. I ended up making some mistakes and he reamed me out. I never came back. The only time I ever quit a job, ever. Employees don’t quit because they hate the work, they quit because the management sucks.

I Inevitably Returned to College

September 2016, I went back to school, and now I’m taking Public Relations. My life is very different though. I’m living in the same apartment, but now I live with my boyfriend and our dog. I’m happy. Last year I struggled, a lot. In all honesty, I got incredibly depressed, and I didn’t really notice until I came out of it. I’m much better off now.

I look at school as my job, and I need to take it seriously. I’m not partying anymore. In fact, our idea of a party is having our friends over on Saturday nights where we drink wine, play Blockus, and go to bed by midnight. We’re 75, I get it. But I genuinely love these nights.College

I know I told myself that I would never go back to college because it was too much money, and it was too restricting, and it would put me back another 2-3 years before I could start my career. But here’s the deal.

I Could Have Spent These 2 Years Suffering, Or 2 Years Getting Educated

My program is 2 years long, and the way I see it… I could have spent these 2 years suffering like I did last year, being unhappy, and not finding a job in my field OR I could go back to college, and enrol in a program that is actually what I should have done in the first place. I can tell that this is my passion, because it actually excites me. It has opened so many opportunities for me (like this blog), and my future looks bright. I’m not worried about what I am going to do after graduation, because I know I will figure it out.

Sure, I may have another year before I can start my career, but at least my career will be in the field that I can thrive in.


If you want to go back to college or university, do it. Life’s too short for excuses.


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