Self Care Is More Than Just Bath Bombs And Face Masks

Self care is more than just bath bombs and face masks mental health canadore college brett larabie

When did “self care” become so trendy and hip? Also, why?! Why is it such a radical idea that we should take care of our bodies and our minds? Why is taking care of ourselves considered a “treat” and is referred to as “pampering”. In this big wide world, the only damn thing you are solely responsible for is yourself. We all have loved ones, and people that need to be taken care of, but why are we suddenly realizing that we also need to take care of ourselves? It’s not trendy, and cool – it’s basic survival.

Eat Good Food

Self care isn’t just bath bombs and face masks! It’s treating your body properly, and fuelling it with the right food to get you through the day. A cheese burger might be wonderful for the 5 minutes while you are eating it, but an hour later you will be sluggish and hungry again. You might even feel sick because of it. Eat an apple, drink a smoothie, have a beautiful rice bowl! You don’t need to be a rabbit to eat greens, okay? I know the new year just started and many people have chosen to “eat healthy” or “workout more” as a resolution, but you should really stick to it. Once you start and notice the wonderful changes to your body, you won’t ever go back to eating crap food. It just makes sense – if you eat crap, you will feel like crap.

Give your body the food that it deserves, and it will repay you. It’s not all about weight loss either, it’s about feeling good on the inside. Feeling good on the inside will give you that much desired energy that you crave, and working out won’t seem like such a chore. You will have so much energy that you will literally need to go for a walk, or lift weights in order to feel stimulated.

Read a Book

Treat your body right, but also take care of your mind! One of the most important steps to a positive mental health, is to keep it stimulated. Read thought-provoking books, or write them! Keep your thoughts moving, and don’t let it get stagnant. When your mind is stagnant, it resorts to the only thing it can – negativity. Your mind gets bored, just like you do – don’t let it. Keep it busy, and you will see an increase in your mental health almost immediately. We all want to be happy, so let yourself. Give yourself the tools that you need to be a better you.

Put Down Your Phone

I’m guilty of this, I admit it. We spend hours upon hours in a day texting, tweeting, snap chatting, and instagramming. We spend so much time documenting our lives that we forget to live them. Make the conscience choice to put down the phone, and be in the moment. There are studies that prove the positive effects of putting down your cell phone and hour before bed – the people that adopt this habit get better sleep at night, which leads to a happier, healthier life. If you like playing on your phone before bed, try swapping that for another habit. Read a book before bed, or play music, or get an oil diffuser that you turn on before bed. Create a new routine – a healthier one.

Don’t Make Excuses Anymore

Let 2018 be the year of no excuses. Take care of you damn body, because nobody is going to do it for you. I take care of my body and my mind – It’s not my job to take care of yours too! If you want to get in shape, do it. Not for your boyfriend, or mom, or friends – do it for you. You deserve to look in the mirror and fall more in love with that gorgeous person looking back at you each day.

You deserve happiness, and maybe the only thing standing in your way is yourself.

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