How Spirulina Aids in Weight Loss

Spirulina has taken over the health world, and for good reason. If you have yet to hear of this powerful green health food, I ask, “where have you been living?!”. Spirulina has become a popular health craze in recent years because of its ability to aid in weight loss, and prevent various health problems.

If you’ve been following this blog for a while, you will have read my article about going vegan – It has been almost 7 months now, and I’m constantly looking for new things to try to better my mind and body!


Okay, okay. Let me break this down for you. Spirulina is a type of algae that grows in nutrient rich ponds. In truth, it’s basically pond scum. Sounds disgusting, but it works!

Maybe you have heard of cyanobacteria? Cyanobacteria is blue-green algae that forms either on the surface of the water, or in moist soil. It can actually be quite harmful to an ecosystem if it blooms. The cyanobacteria blooms have the potential to be toxic, and therefore are harmful to the inhabitants of the area.

Lucky for us, however, spirulina is safe – mostly. Don’t go scooping pond scum out of your neighbour’s pond though! It is highly important to buy spirulina from a reputable company, because it can be contaminated with other substances that can be toxic to the human body.

As long as you are purchasing spirulina from a respectable company, you will be safe and you can kick-start your weight loss journey!

Why Spirulina Aids in Weight Loss

I know in the health community we tend to throw around the term “superfood” more than we should, but if any food deserves the title, it’s spirulina! It’s safe to say that no other food or supplement is this powerful and helpful for losing weight. Spirulina is one of the most nutrient dense foods on the market, and even in the world. It contains a variety of nutrients such as iron, calcium, protein, chlorophyll, and more! This combination promotes a healthy ecosystem inside of your body, and will help you burn fat quickly.

spirulina powder and tablets


As we know, protein is highly important in weight loss and general health. Protein keeps us energized and promotes muscle recovery during workouts. Lucky for us, spirulina contains so much protein that it is comparable to eating eggs, which many of us use as a post-workout meal. Spirulina is highly recommended to those that follow a plant-based diet because of its high protein (and iron) content!

Vitamin B1:

Never heard of it? Maybe you’ve heard of it’s more common name: Thiamin. Still nothing? Okay, well this vitamin is necessary for fat digestion, increased energy levels, and improves nerve and brain function. See that “necessary for fat digestion” statement – that is KEY to weight loss. If you take a peek at the nutritional facts on any box of food you have in your kitchen, it will tell you how much fat is in each serving. If your body has poor “fat digestion” it will absorb the fat and inhibit weight loss. Vitamin B1 is crucial to losing weight.


Like I mentioned earlier, spirulina is incredibly high in iron content. What’s even better is that this iron content in spirulina is highly absorbable and is gentle on the digestive system. What more could you ask for?


Remember the old saying “Milk builds strong bones and teeth”? Well, step aside milk products – spirulina is here! Spirulina actually contains 26x more calcium than milk!


What exactly is chlorophyll? Without getting into the science of it all – chlorophyll is the green pigment in cyanobacteria. It makes it appear green. Simple as that, but it does more for our bodies than just that. Chlorophyll is said to help fight cancer, speed up white blood cell production and remove toxins for the body.

Spirulina Helps Reduce Hunger Cravings

Okay, so let’s get to the good stuff now. Spirulina helps us lose weight, but why? Aside from what we just discussed, there’s a huge reason why it works. The feeling of “hunger” comes when our body is weak in essential nutrients. If we are eating a balanced diet, this shouldn’t be an issue, however the world has changed and we now eat a lot of processed foods.
Sometimes without even trying to, we consume processed foods several times a day.While these foods taste great, they are lacking in nutrients. This is why you may eat fast food, and feel hungry an hour later. When you eat low nutrient foods, your brain is triggered, and thinks you are still hungry. Which is sort of true, because your body doesn’t care that you just ate, it’s hungry for nutrients.

Spirulina is overloaded with powerful nutrients that our bodies and our brain need to feel full. Even if you are eating a well-rounded, healthy diet, sometimes we need a little bit of extra help. Spirulina helps us feel full sooner, so we don’t eat more than we need to. This leads to rapid but healthy weight loss.

Spirulina Helps to Burn Fat While Exercising

As if it didn’t already do a million and one things, spirulina also helps to burn fat while we exercise. It increases our metabolic rate, helps muscle fatigue and speeds up muscle recovery.

During workouts, this would come in handy because it would allow your body to put in double the work, and build muscle faster than without spirulina consumption.

Spirulina for Weight Loss

Well here it is: the build-up we’ve all been waiting for. As a dietary supplement, it is recommended that an individual consumes 4-6 tablets (600mg) per day. However, the amount you consume depends on your age, weight, and health needs. Best practise is to consult a doctor before starting to consume anything new such as spirulina, of course.

Some say that the taste of spirulina is less than desirable, however it can be taken as a tablet form, where you will not taste it whatsoever. If you choose to purchase the powder form, you may combine it with a smoothie, where the taste should be overpowered by the smoothie. Check out these beautiful smoothie bowls that turn blue from spirulina powder: Spirulina smoothie bowl Spirulina smoothie bowl

Many people opt to mix spirulina powder with water and drink it as a super-drink for weight loss. If you can stomach the taste, this may be the easiest way to get spirulina into your system. But if you can’t handle that, don’t fret – you can purchase capsules or mix the powder in with a smoothie.

You can purchase safe spirulina powder here, and have the option to purchase the capsules here.




Additional Weight Loss Tips:

  • Workout 4-5 days a week. Whether you are doing an at-home workout, visiting the gym, or going for a run – you need to stay active to burn calories and lose that weight.
  • Get plenty of sleep – Your body cannot possible recover if it is exhausted. Get 8 hours of sleep a night and you will see the pounds drop!
  • Stay hydrated – I know it can be difficult to drink water some days, but we really need to try our best to stay hydrated. Our bodies are made up primarily of water and if we aren’t replenishing our bodies with water, bad things can happen. We need water to lose weight.

Do you think you are brave enough to drink spirulina straight up? Or will capsules be your chosen spirulina consumption method? Let us know in the comments below!

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