How I Survived Week 1 Of Meal Prep

Today is the perfect day for a new beginning

For those of you that have connected with me on social media (which I strongly advise by the way), will know that this past week has been filled with new habits, and new beginnings. I started my new job, new meal prep plan, new gym schedule, and new semester of Public Relations. I figured since it is now Sunday, and I’m still alive to tell the tale, I should. 

New Meal Prep Plan

So, I planned out my food intake right down to the snacks I will be ingesting. It took me about 3 hours from start to finish, and I was actually quite exhausted by the end of it. Oh, and I actually did great, guys! I hadn’t cheated on my diet all week, until Thursday when I totally caved and had ice cream. I know, it’s awful. But, it is progress! This weekend wasn’t the greatest for staying on track, since we had a few drinks on Saturday night, and obviously indulged a little there, and then on Sunday we had an Underworld marathon to prepare for Thursday when we will go see the new one!

But overall, I got to say… I think I might do this forever! Having my meals planned for me was the absolute greatest thing I have ever done. Sure it was a lot of work on Sunday, but the rest of the week it was effortless. There was no time for temptation because I didn’t have to spend 10 minutes asking myself “What should I eat?”. It was already laid out for me. I just finished Week 2’s meal prep (see below), and it only took me 2 hours this time! Getting faster!

Meal Prep Healthy Eating 21 Day Fix

New Gym Schedule

I sucked guys. 2 whopping thumbs down for me! Actually, I’m currently writing this instead of going to the gym! I feel like I subconsciously decided to write this right now because by the time I am done I won’t be able to go anymore, since it is Sunday and busses stop running at 6 on Sundays (What kind of city do I live in?! Good question). I didn’t go once. I am the worst. But starting tomorrow, I will be attending this lovely lady‘s yoga classes. Check out her website! She rocks! As for my gym schedule, lets try again this week!

What are your experiences with meal prepping? Share in the comments!

10 thoughts on “How I Survived Week 1 Of Meal Prep

  1. I tried starting to meal plan, but find it really hard to stick to it. I like to see what the grocery store has and go from there. Adding in meal prep would probably help this a lot.

    1. Totally! I decided I would plan my meals on Friday’s and then Saturday is grocery day! I have a notebook that is dedicated to my meal prepping, so I even write out my estimates for the grocery bill (I try to keep it under 30$, which so far has been pretty easy). I only buy what is on the list. And then Sunday is dedicated to cooking my meals for the week! It’s only week 2, but so far so good!! I really recommend trying it out, it has really super helped me!

  2. Meal prepping is such a life saver on busy weeks for me! I tend to plan out my dinners and make extra servings of each which then become lunches. I also love to make a big baked oatmeal and reheat that fore breakfast during the week!
    Good luck with your new schedule and new healthy living plans!

    1. Absolutely! My boyfriend does the same thing! He doesn’t like to plan all of his meals, mostly because he doesn’t have the patience to spend several hours cooking on Sundays, plus he likes to switch it up during the week! Couldn’t handle eating the same thing every day for lunch. But dinner works for him since we works until 9 every night! Thank you so much for the well wishes. Good luck to you as well!

    1. Thank you so much for the comment Stephanie! I totally agree! I do get bored of my meals at times, but I just force myself to stick to it! Thank you for the good luck wishes, I really appreciate it!

    1. You go girl! I have got to get my gym schedule on track this week! I didn’t go at all last week! Wednesday morning at 6:30 a.m. will be the test of my motivation!! Wish me luck!

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