Everybody’s Getting Married And I’m Just Getting Drunk

When we are young, we are going through so many things that are difficult in itself, and I don’t want to mix that with a marriage. That’s why I want to wait until I’m settled in my career. I want to iron out all the bugs in my life, before I legally add somebody else into it. 

Please Don’t Ask Me What I Want To Do After College

I want what anybody wants. I want to make enough money so that when it is time to pay rent, I don’t cringe. Is that so much to ask? I want to get a pay cheque and actually be able to put a large portion of it in a savings account. More on that – I want a savings account that exceeds 400$!

Blessed to be Canadian

Today is Canada Day, and for those of you that are fellow Canadians, you’ll join me in saying “Bring on the beer”! The real beer…

Love Isn't Supposed To Hurt Header

Love Isn’t Supposed To Hurt

  It’s 2017, and we believe that relationships aren’t supposed to be easy, they’re supposed to be really hard, and that when you love someone…