It’s Time to Let Go…

Life is a learning experience, and it never really ends. Everything that happens to us has an ultimate purpose, and typically it is to teach us a lesson. We learn from our past, and we move on. But sometimes we don’t.

I Want To Make More Money Than My Husband

I want to make more money than my husband to prove that I can. Countless studies have proven that women in Public Relations make less than men. In general, less women are placed in CEO positions, and therefore make less money than men – regardless of their profession. Maybe that is because less women push for it, I don’t know, I’m not Google. But I know that I’m not going to be another sad statistic.

Please Don’t Ask Me What I Want To Do After College

I want what anybody wants. I want to make enough money so that when it is time to pay rent, I don’t cringe. Is that so much to ask? I want to get a pay cheque and actually be able to put a large portion of it in a savings account. More on that – I want a savings account that exceeds 400$!


It hurts. It tears you apart everyday because nobody understands you or the things you have been through. Somebody wronged you, and you didn’t deserve…

The Power Of Changing Your Life

I’ve been alive 8,104 days. I’ve smelled countless flowers, and heard countless songs. I’ve cried, and I’ve laughed, and I’ve smiled and I’ve sung. I’ve…

how to sabotage your life in one easy step college good vibes

How To Sabotage Your Life In One Easy Step

Stop hanging out with people who are dragging you down to their level. Seriously, it’s ruining you. You’re incredible, hello!? Do you realize how magnificent you really are? I mean, it’s probably pretty hard to acknowledge your own worth when the people around you aren’t doing it either.