“Time Heals All Wounds” and Other Lies

Time Doesn’t Heal All wounds

“The first cut is the deepest”? Okay, this isn’t true when you’re cutting a mango, and you’ve never cut a mango before. The pit gets in the way, because its 80% pit. In this case, the first cut is very much so, not the deepest. Actually, this line is B.S. anyways. The first cut is never the deepest! Yah, I’m calling you out Sheryl Crow! Oh, and Rod Stewart, and Cat Stevens, and P.P. Arnold. You know what, how about all you guys go sit in the corner and think about what you did. Now! Shoo!

It’s Such A Cliche

It’s what everyone says when you lose a loved one, or you breakup with your crappy high school boyfriend (this is the only time that time does heal all wounds, because well… to be frank, it was easier to hold a conversation with my refrigerator, at least it was bright!). It’s the standard line that we all use, and honestly I’ve probably used this, myself! PSA: If I’ve ever told you this, I give you permission to go back and time, and slap me so hard I forget about my weird One Direction phase (it really just needs to be taken care of, so like… anybody that is willing, has my permission to jump on board this mission).

napoleon dynamite time heals all wounds
Just an excuse to reference Napoleon Dynamite, tbh…






IT doesn’t get easier

It never really gets easier. It always hurts. Honestly, somedays it hurts more than the day it first happened. I’m not gonna promise you that “time will heal this”, because it won’t. You merely find new ways to cope with it, and to better understand it.

When my father passed away, it hurt a lot (See my post on “Losing a Parent I Never Really Had“). But you know what hurt more? A few weeks later when I started thinking about all the things that could have been different. Time didn’t heal all wounds then. It’s been a couple of months now, and I’ve come to terms with it (mostly). I now sort of understand why the universe did this, and I’m okay with it.

The one crucial thing that time offers, is silence. At night, or in the early morning, and maybe even during the day… We are blessed with time. Time spent alone with our own thoughts. This may sound like a curse, but truly it is a blessing. When you allow yourself to process information, and events that have occurred, you begin to understand them, if only slightly. So, I suppose in this context, time does heal wounds. But not all of them.

silence wounds heal time

time Heals ‘Some’ Wounds

I think it is unfair to say time heals all of our wounds, because we all heal at different rates and through different interactions. I shared that I heal by thinking, but others may not heal this way. Some of us may need to talk to someone, and that’s totally acceptable as well. Hey, maybe some people do choose to push it to the back of their minds, and let time pass, hoping they will forget about it… Though, I feel this is incredibly unhealthy for our mental health!

I encourage you all to find a health outlet; A way to heal. Never be ashamed of your tactics, but don’t feel as though you have to share them. You don’t owe anybody anything. You are entitled to your methods, as well as the level of privacy you set on them.

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4 thoughts on ““Time Heals All Wounds” and Other Lies

  1. i agree with you. Time doesn’t heal completely. It gives to you time to understand the discomfort/pain/whatever is and come to terms with it…sometimes.
    My coping method is to cry it out, think about it so much that I start to get numb to the thought…I’m sure there are more healthy ways but that is my honest coping method.

  2. You are 100% right! Time may heal to a point, just as it does physical wounds, there’s still scars, and some of those scars will never go away. My father passed away Sept. 10, 2000. I was 23 years old. His death took a toll on me, because he was abusive and I hadn’t forgiven him of that yet. It wasn’t until 2012 that I finally forgave him. But his death? Hurts more than it did back then. Because now that I’ve fully forgiven him, I mourn the man he should have been–the one he deserved to be (without his own abuse childhood abuse that turned him abusive towards me and my mother). I miss him all the time. It’s been 16 years….so no, time doesn’t heal anything, esp. if it’s complicated. So I really like your post, you have an excellent point 🙂

  3. I love your quote, “Silence isn’t empty. It’s full of answers.”
    I find when I am very stressed out I need complete silence. I need to be able to hear ME. I put my phone in the other room. I make it as quiet as I can, and I just rest my mind until productive thoughts begin to flow.
    Also, some wounds will never heal, this is true. My brother was killed by a drunk driver and I know my mother will never recover. Her children were her whole life. She didn’t have an education, or a career, her only passion was/is her children. When my brother left this world unexpectedly, he took my mother’s sanity with him.

    1. Thank you very much! I totally agree, silence is golden at times! It helps me recenter myself! And I’m terribly sorry to hear about your brother dear <3

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