The Top 10 Books That You Need To Read This Fall

Fall is coming quickly, and before you jump down my throat about it “only being August”, I’ve been waiting all year for this, so let me live in my dilution that Fall is on it’s way! Also, I live in Canada so be aware that Fall only lasts a few short weeks before Winter rears it’s ugly head and we hide out for 6 months. Fall starts early, and with it? Books. The following is a list of the top 10 books that you need to read this fall – seriously.

The Top 10 Books That You Need to Read This Fall

Fall 2018 will be the best season of my entire life – I’m putting it out into the universe, and that means it is going to happen. Just wait and see. And I know it is so, because I will be reading these books.

Top 10 Books to Read This Fall Harry Potter Series

The Harry Potter series

Yes, theĀ entire series. Get started now. This series is literally everything, and if there is any time in the year to read these books, it is NOW.

The entire box set typically runs around $100 CAD, however Amazon has them available for $64 CAD (Hurry, buy now and get reading next week)!

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The Hazel Wood

I read this book a couple of months ago and it quickly became one of my favourites! It is the perfect combination of whimsical and mystery, all tied up in one perfect witchy bow. Do yourself a favour and get it now!

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Top 10 books you need to read this fall merciless danielle vega

The Merciless Series

This is a four book series that focuses on the possession of a young high school girl, or rather, the demonic presence itself. The author has a young Stephen King writing style, and if you are into YA horror, this series will give you everything you could ever want in a fall book.

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The Dorothy Must Die Series

Yet another series has made it onto my Top 10 Books That You Need To Read This Fall list – but listen, I have a thing for series. Clearly.

This series follows the life of a young girl that grew up in Kansas, and gets swept up by a twister and lands in another world – a magical world called Oz. Sound familiar? Basically, this story happens after Dorothy leaves Oz and returns… I won’t give it away, but there is tons of fighting, strong female leads, and magical creatures, oh and just magic in general – perfect for Fall!

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This book is the first in the series (I am currently reading book #2, Legendary) that follows two sisters on their journey through a magical game of death, tricks, and lies. High risk, high reward. To attend Caraval, the magical “game” that runs every year, you must be invited by the Caraval master, Legend. The sisters have been writing letters for years, trying to get invited to this game and finally, they have received their invitations – but is this the worst possible time?

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top 10 books that you need to read this fall how to hang a witch rebecca mather









How to Hang a Witch

This book is incredible because the author is literally related to one of the people who initiated the Salem Witch Trials – This is historical BRILLIANCE. If you are into witchy, magical stories, this one is for you!

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top 10 books that you need to read this fall stephen king it










Obviously a classic – and if you’ve already watched the film, it doesn’t count. The film leaves out a lot of side plots that are actually super important to the character development, and to fully understand the main story. This is a pop culture requirement.

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top 10 books that you need to read this fall helter skelter









Helter Skelter

This is one of the most interesting books I have truly ever read. It took me a good 1.5-2 months to get through it because I needed to absorb each and every detail, yet I still feel like I want to re-read it to better understand the whole story. It was written remarkably and it really puts you inside the minds of Charles Manson himself, and The Family that he led.

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top 10 books that you need to read this fall the girl who loved tom gordon stephen king









The Girl Who Loved Tom Gordon

It is crazy to imagine now, but a few years ago I could never get into Stephen King’s writing. It was this book that actually changed that for me. This book was especially spooky and perfect for fall reading because it happened in the wilderness, and it basically was supernatural beings that were messing with her – This type of thing freaks me out because we have no proof that it doesn’t exist, but we sure have a lot of people saying that it does exist. Hm?

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top 10 Books that you need to read this fall misery stephen king









Yet another Stephen King novel that has me shook. Also, have you ever noticed that Stephen King has a thing for making his main character’s authors… just like him? Coincidence? I have no idea. But this book was terrifying because it shows you what the human mind and body is capable of – Monsters are real, and we call them human beings.

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