The Top 5 YouTubers For Your ‘At Home’ Workout

I love the gym, I really do. It is a great resource because everything you need is conveniently located in one location. However, some days I simply just don’t have the time to make it to the gym for my workout. I know this sounds like an excuse, but between school and work, there just isn’t always time to bus to the gym, then spend an hour there, and bus back home. Therefore, I have the ultimately solution… The ‘at home’ workout.

About The ‘At Home’ Workout

Some people despise these, and for a long time I was one of these people! I had trouble finding the space to do the workout, while still being in a private location (I don’t want to workout in the living room and give my roommates a front row seat). I also hated the structure and having to follow someone else’s instructions. I like to be in charge. Although, that all changed when I discovered these YouTubers.

Body Weight Exercises

When working out at home, we often times do not have the equipment that our local gym would have – we simply don’t have the funds or space to store these machines, and so we need to reply on small hand weights, or even better, body weight.

Using our own body weight to do at home workouts is ideal because we ALWAYS have our body weight. I just read an interesting article on Mass Gain Source, all about the best body weight workouts, and why they are so effective. You can view that same article here.

Youtube Workouts for Home

1. The Fitness Marshall

This guy is the freaking bomb. I talked about his videos on my Facebook page earlier this week, actually. He’s super animated about everything he does, and his comments make my workout incredibly entertaining. There are moments when I actually laugh while doing my workout. Do you remember the last time a workout made you laugh?! It’s awesome! He basically makes dance videos to popular songs, so your workouts don’t even feel like workouts.

2. Willitary Fitness

So this guy had a workout video that was circling the internet for a while, and it was to Dark Horse by Katy Perry. This was where I originally came across his videos, and I immediately fell in love with his workouts! For a couple months I actually exclusively did only his workouts, and nothing else. He also does his workouts to a variety of popular songs, but his aren’t dance based. They typically require small hand weights, in which you hold them while you do basic exercises such as squats, knee touches, and punches. Again, super fun!

3. Yoga With Adriene

When I want a more directed yoga experience, Adriene is my go-to! Her voice is super calming and easy to listen to. And she has wonderful philosophy’s that she often ties into her yoga sessions. She also has very specific yoga sessions depending on the type of person you are and what your preference’s are.

4. Blogilates

Super mainstream, I know. But there’s a reason for that… She’s wonderful! Really modern, and “cool”. It’s honestly just super fun, and I actually feel like I’m doing something wonderful for my body!

5. Tone It Up

I am relatively new to these videos, however I am really enjoying them so far! These girls look freaking amazing, so that’s super motivating!? Like dang!

Who are your favourite YouTubers for at home workouts?! Share in the comments below!

5 thoughts on “The Top 5 YouTubers For Your ‘At Home’ Workout

  1. I’m a home fitness fantastic (a P90x3 girl!), but I’ve never thought of looking to You Tube for fitness video inspiration! What a great idea and I’ll definitely be checking out your suggestions!

    1. Oh YouTube has opened so many doors for me with at home workouts! There are videos for every kind of workout you can imagine! Thanks for reading Elizabeth!

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