How to Create a Vision Board That Really Works

If you were 16 once, I’m sure you’ve made a vision board. Or, maybe you didn’t realize you were making one – but really, you did. Have you ever cut pictures and quotes out of a magazine and glued it onto a piece of cardstock? Hello vision board. The idea isn’t new and innovative by any means – It’s just taken on a whole new meaning in my life recently, and I would love to share this insight with you.

What’s a Vision Board?

A vision board is pretty much what it sounds like: It’s a board full of your visions. Your hopes and dreams, in a visual format. Some visual people use these to better understand their goals, because seeing them down on paper helps them to visualize. Others use vision boards as a means of bringing their goals to fruition.

I talk a lot about the law of attraction on my Instagram page, and I’m a firm believer in attracting positivity. The universe responds to what you put out into the world. If you put your visions on a vision board, it is said to help bring your hopes and dreams to life.

Law of Attraction Achieve Always

How to Create A Vision Board

First of all, I recommend brainstorming. Whether you do this best on paper or by typing it out on your computer – you need to get down your main points. And make sure you dig deep here. I’m going to take a wild guess and assume that you want to get into shape, but WHY – What’s your why? Do you want to get into shape so you can look hot and feel more confident in yourself? Do you want to get in shape so that you can run and play with your children? Whatever it is, you need to dig deeper and find out why you want the things that you want.

Once you have a detailed list of the things that you aspire to achieve, you can begin collecting images for your vision board.

Pick a Theme

I personally chose a colour theme of pastel pink and grey, along with muted photos. You don’t necessarily need to choose a colour theme, but if you would like to – I really do think it makes them look pretty.

Aside from a colour theme, you really should pick a niche for your board. You can make it general if you would like, but it will leave you picking and choosing which things to include on your board. I did keep mine general and it turned out okay, but it was really hard to pick and choose what to include.

If you are trying to get in shape, you can make a fitness board that will inspire you and motivate you to stay on track! Be sure to include motivating quotes as well as photos for inspiration.

Find Photos + Quotes

I use Unsplash for literally all my photo needs – for my blog photos, work projects, and I definitely used it for my vision board. Unsplash is basically a hub of photographers that offer their photos for free use (creative commons).

You could also just Google your photos, or use Pinterest. I like to use Pinterest for quotes because it has some really great ones! (Follow my Quotes board on Pinterest).

Combine Your Content

Now you need to find a way to make your vision board BEAUTIFUL. You can make a physical vision board if you would like by printing your photos and glueing them onto a board the old fashion way, but I’m a creature of change. I know that in a month I may have different goals and aspirations, and I’m trying to save the planet here – So I made a digital vision board on Canva.

Canva is also a great graphic design tool – I use it for all my blog graphics and social media content.

You can add text to this vision board as well, if you have a quote that you want to include but can’t seem to find a visually pleasing version of it anywhere. I opted to use the text option to include numbers on my board, like 20 (for pounds I want to lose) and 1,000 (for followers I want to reach on Instagram).

Display Your Vision Board In a Visible Place

If you make a digital vision board, I recommend displaying it on your screensaver or on your desktop. I chose to put it on my desktop, personally but a screensaver would always be a great way to display it.

If you make a physical copy, put it on your desk, or near your bed – somewhere that you frequent, and you can look at it when you need inspiration. I really do recommend your desk or work space because this is where you may need the most inspiration/motivation.

If you happen to make a fitness vision board, put it in a space where you workout, or maybe in your kitchen where you will be consuming food. Anywhere that the vision board will motivate you to achieve your goals, is a good place for it.

Explaining My Vision Board

Here’s my vision board that I made this morning. I was inspired by Karlee Holden’s recent video of her vision board creation, and decided I would make one of my own. Also, if you don’t know who Karlee Holden is, please do yourself a favour and check out her YouTube channel – she’s a teen mom that kicks a$$. Number one strong woman, okay? Bless her soul.

Anyways, here’s my vision board:

Vision board brett larabie law of attraction blogger health wellness fitness

Let’s explain it a little, shall we?

Moo Cows

Alright, so maybe it looks strange for a vegan to have a cow on their vision board, but hear me out: I want to visit a friendly farm. There’s one in my area, and I’m hoping to visit this summer. I would love to just go to a farm that isn’t in business for the sake of harvesting the animal’s meat. I want to visit a farm that views the animals as pets, and loves the unconditionally. I want to hug a cow – can we make that happen?


I have two photos on this vision board of a backpack, and of people walking with backpacks – No, I don’t want to go backpacking. Okay, yes I do but that’s not why these are on my vision board. I want to go hiking. I’ve never really been interesting in doing this before, but I really want to get in tune with nature this summer.

I want to hear birds in the trees, and feel streams flowing between my toes.


I just really want to visit the East Coast. PEI, Nova Scotia – Anything over there would bring me joy.

Shonda Rhymes Quote

These is pretty self-explanatory. I want to be successful, and I know it’s going to happen – not because I’m lucky, but because I work hard. I think it’s important to acknowledge the difference.


First of all, I adore old school typewriters. Physically, this is just a beautiful photo – but there’s more importance to this photo. I want to write a book. I’ve wanted to a write a book for a long time now, and I know the steps I need to complete to get there, but I don’t have the story, guys.

It’s my goal to write a novel, specifically a thriller. But to be honest, I’d be happy writing any type of book. Maybe I’ll write a self-help manifesto? We shall see.


Girls, we all want a nice booty – am I right?

Wild Horses

This isn’t actually about the horses. This is a photo from Iceland. I’ve been fascinated by Iceland since I was a child, and I’ve never really fallen out of love with the landscape. Let’s go to Iceland.


I’m currently stuck around 930 followers on Instagram and I keep gaining followers, and losing them again. My goal is to reach 1,000 and stay above it.


This one might be self explanatory  – I want to lose 20 pounds.

It’s  your turn to make a vision board

Are you ready to make a vision board? Set your intentions and your goals for the next year, or the next 10 years – you decide. Then get to work. Be sure to tag me in photos on Instagram of your vision boards – I can’t wait to see them!



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  1. I love your vision board! I’ve been wanting to make one for awhile! I teach homeschool so this might make a nice choice for our next art assignment. Thanks for sharing!

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