Your Twenties Are Supposed to Suck

your twenties are supposed to suck

Nobody said that your twenties would be a breeze, did they? Wait, seriously – did they?! Because if so, I missed the memo and I’ve been doing something terribly wrong here?! In my experience, my twenties have been anything but “a breeze”, okay? If you’re in the same boat as me, stick around, because this post is all about the qualms of being in your twenties, and how to get out alive.

Shit Happens

Hi, in case you have sitting back thinking “Who is this chick?” – it’s okay. Allow me to introduce myself: My name is Brett Larabie (Yes, I’m a lady with an incredibly masculine name. It’s 2018, keep up) and I am the owner of this fancy blog, Wine & Misadventures. This might come as a shock to you because I’ve been M.I.A. for 3 months now, but hey I’m here. I don’t know for how long – but the point is, I’m here now. We screw up and disappear from our website for weeks at a time, shit happens.

I’m 23 years old, I’ve recently been promoted to Manager at a Canadian based retail company, and I run a side hustle (hello, this). I live with my boyfriend and our dog, and I go to bed before 11 P.M. every single night. I’m a wild animal, buckle your seat belts, friends.

Your twenties are a bumpy ride, and if anybody under the age of 30 says they know what they are doing in life, there is a 200% chance that they are delusional, and you should probably friend them immediately. Delusional friends are the best friends.

Try Everything You Can in Your Twenties

Yes, I mean everything. Okay, let’s take a step back – maybe not cocaine. I’m not advising that. But hey, eat as many pot brownies as you want – just not in one sitting. Yeah… you might want to spread those puppies apart.

But hey, drugs aside – you should try everything your heart desires. If you have a quick thought that maybe you want to start a YouTube Channel where you film videos on your iPhone and you don’t know how to edit videos at all, you should do that. Your videos are going to look like trash, and that’s cool – growth doesn’t happen unless you start from zero.

When I started this blog, that was all it was – a blog. Now? Well now I’ve grown an Instagram page from 0 to 1230 followers (which might not seem like much to many of you big shots, but hey it’s a big deal for me). I’ve also started a podcast, that has since failed and I’ve learned from that. I’ve started a YouTube channel, that *big surprise*, I have not been very active on, but I know that I love making videos and I will continue to create content for my channel (just at my own pace).

Now I’m quite aware that not everybody has decided to create a career on social media, so all of this might not really land with all of my readers. But this is my personal experience and it can be translated into your life experience(s), regardless of your career path or personal development.

Do whatever you want to do and understand that you will probably fail, but that’s okay.

I hear that it gets better?

From what I can tell, your twenties are just a bumpy ride where we need to find ourselves, and make mistakes so that when we are in our thirties, we can settle down and have a family and learn how to spread out our pot brownies accordingly.

I’m not sure when its happens, but I’m pretty it just gradually happens over time. I don’t believe that we hit our 30th birthday and we have officially reached our final form, and that everything is smooth sailing from there on out.

I believe that we learn as we make mistakes, and we grow from those mistakes. But you can’t be afraid to make those mistakes, okay? If you don’t make those mistakes, you will never grow and you’ll be 56 years old sitting in a grimy basement apartment somewhere with holes in your socks and copy of How to Win Friends and Influence People on your lap.

If you are in your twenties and you feel like you’re struggling, settle the heck down. Congratulations, you are part of the 95% of the population who isn’t a child prodigy or a nigerian¬†prince that has¬†everything figured out. Also, my boyfriend says that 90% of stats are made up, so don’t pay attention to that number there. Don’t pay attention to that one either.

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